Angry Birds: Transformers – Weep With Me

Angry_Birds_transformersWe don’t cover news on SkipCutscene, unless we feel we stand to gain something from it. There’s a million and one sites out there that will provide more consistent updates for your news-grubbing needs, so we’d much rather just wait until something worth commenting on turns up, and then mercilessly rip it to pieces with snark and gumption.

We took to the streets (figuratively) to find out what people think about this blockbuster announcement.

Transformers is not a sacred cow. It is not a franchise that you can hold up and say “THIS IS BEYOND REPROACH AND MUST BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS” because, at this point, the ratio of Bits That Are Actually Good to Bits That Are Irreparably Shit is well out of whack.

I don’t even really know why I’m writing this article, other than to go “LOOK AT THIS THING THAT EXISTS” as if it’s somehow a shock to me. But, if I have to suffer the sheer bewilderment of watching giant transforming robots mixed in with vector art exploding birds then, by golly, so do you.

So here’s some official responses to the news, from official real people, who I officially really asked for their input:

SOMEONE ON TWITTER: *weary sigh*


A THIRD SOMEONE ON TWITTER: are you from One Direction?

SOMEONE IN AN IRC CHATROOM: It’s terrible and I want Angry Birds to leave

SOMEONE ELSE IN THE SAME IRC CHATROOM: Angry Birds: Transformers: because we gotta do SOMETHING with all these plushies

A THIRD SOMEONE ELSE IN AN IRC CHATROOM: well that’s another Angry Birds now I guess

SOMEONE OVER TEXT MESSAGE WHICH MEANS I HAD TO TYPE THIS BIT UP INSTEAD OF JUST COPY AND PASTING IT LIKE THE REST (MAN GAMES JOURNALISM IS HARD): I’ve never heard of it? Did Angry Birds and Michael Bay decide to go for a shit together, only to realise there wasn’t enough room on the toilet, whereby the shit happened to flow onto a copy of the original cartoon series laying randomly on the bathroom floor?

MY NAN: Transformers am things you put together

So there you have it. A mixed reaction to Rovio’s latest licensed offering. Thank you to all the people who took part in this impromptu consumer survey. This has been your “What Do Random People Think About Things?” report for today.






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