Sonic the Hedgehog Fan-Made Original Characters – Parody or Not?

SticksTheBadgerA few days ago, SEGA unveiled ‘Sticks the Badger’, the newest addition to the Sonic the Hedgehog universe, set to make her debut in the animated reboot ‘Sonic Boom’. Sticks joins a wealth of supporting characters including Big the Cat, Jet the Hawk and Cream the Rabbit (which always sounded to me like a cooking instruction).  You can watch the announcement video thingy here.

Anyway, this gave me a great excuse to scour the wonderfully creative wasteland of DeviantArt to find fan-made examples of ‘original’ Sonic characters, because if SEGA can do it, so can anyone. This leads us to Parody Or Not?, a game I’ve devised, whereby some or all of the following five characters have been made up on the spot by me, while others are actual fan characters lifted straight from the throbbing pages of DeviantArt’s finest.

Now, before we begin, I just want to say that I write all this with the utmost affection for the people who come up with this stuff. I would never want to write an article that disrespects the Sonic (or indeed, any) fanbase for creatively engaging with something they’re passionate about and I think anyone who would ought to take a long, hard look at themselves and their shitty attitude. You like what you like, and who gives a shit what anyone else thinks? We clear? Good.

First up, then…

 Saphira the Hedgehog

Saphira The Hedgehog


Name: Saphira
Nicknames: Saph
Species: Hedgehog
Gender: Neutrois Ø [prefered male, used to being called female tho]
Age: 16
Occupation: Student [Homeschooler]
Personality: Impatient, impolite (can value to rude), short tempered, naive, shy/awkward around strangers, tends to be careless/reckless, overprotective at times, clingy
Likes: Her brother (to a degree), Shadow, fighting, being alone, rock music, Sonic Comics, favourite food: steak
Dislikes: Her brother (to a degree), being arround many people she doesn’t know, when Shadow is made an asshole in the comics, liars, studying, losing a fight, not being able to protect the ones she loves, brussle sprouts.
Hobbies: reading comics, fighting, taking missions with Shadow, playing videogames, playing soccer
Sexuality: demisexual
Romantic Interest: Shadow the hedgehog [ yea yea you can kill me if you want ]

PARODY OR NOT? Highlight for the answer: NOT! 100% real.

Destroy the Echidna


Here now Destroy the Echidna!! At the beginning, he was not malicious. But it’s after being come on the planet Dolfox (world of Night and Summer) that he changed because he fell, after a bet launched by Fury, in “Suffering Chaps”. he then became a “mutant” with wings and also obtained its capacitys evil. It’s which he began has to want to conquer Dolfox.

And here its profile:
Name: destroy
Age: N/A
Likes: the Destruction, loneliness, blood, death, to kill, Darkness
Dislikes: Summer and Night, peace, the defeat, joy
Capacitys: Unknown factor (it has too much of it)
Type: Complete
Arms: the sceptre” Darkness Hell” (where are to lock up daemons)

PARODY OR NOT? Highlight for the answer: NOT! Totally authentic.


Toban the Fox



Name: Toban
Age: 10
Species: Fox
Bday: 18th August
Personality: Funny, random, crazy
Friends: Freedom Fighters
Enemies: Eggman, Scrouge, Metal Sonic
Crush: None
BFF: Shadow
Weapons: Technically everything that Shadow has
Likes: Caik 😀 , random stuff, puppiez, more puppiez
Dislikes: Everything not being random, no puppiez, no caik
Forms: Super

PARODY OR NOT? Highlight for the answer: NOT! This one’s real, too.



My OC Jazzy. She’s a hedgehog/echidna/god.

PARODY OR NOT? Highlight for the answer: NOT! Bet this one stumped you!




Name: Amethyst
Gender: Female
Species: Winged Cat
Color: Dark purple
Eye Color: Dark Green
Other: Neon blue lightning bolt markings that glow when her powers are used and a crimson red tail tip.
Abilities: Amethyst has little control over the sheer amount of power she has. She can summon lightining and blast others with her blue energy using her hands.eyes,or tail. She also uses a type of energy called Convexity. It’s said her power is so strong that it rivals the Chaos Emeralds.
Backstory: Her parents were killed when she was little and she was bullied for the fact that she was so different. She had a mental disorder and her wings were shunned as well. Eventually, when she was 10, she got angry enough that she unleashed a blue shockwave that blasted everyone away.

She then realized that she didn’t have to put up with them anymore. She had powers. She could fly. She could defend herself. Her heart was shrouded with darkness. From then on she was considered a monster. She flew away from her home and learned to never trust anyone. However she wasn’t cruel.

She found out that a man named “Dr. Eggman” was harming others. She remembered how it was like when those kids harmed her. It angered her. So she decided to go help the other animals who seemed to feel the same. She stayed out of sight though. She didn’t want them to ask questions. She continues to hide in the forest and steal food and clothes from the humans.

PARODY OR NOT? Highlight for the answer: NOT! Ha! Rused you. They’re ALL real! Oh, you should see the look on your face.

So, how did you do? Give yourself a mark out of 5, then make up a little certificate that you can print out and hang on your fridge. If you’d like to see the Deviantart pages of all of these, you can find them here, here, here, here and here but please, be kind. Don’t be dicks.

Join us next time on Parody Or Not?, when we’ll be looking at… probably more of these, to be honest. I ended up with about twenty more I could’ve used. Seriously. There’s just so many of them…



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One Response to Sonic the Hedgehog Fan-Made Original Characters – Parody or Not?

  1. JSD says:

    I actually got all of them right. That makes me somewhat worried about how long I’ve been lurking this fandom…

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