Angry Birds: Transformers – Weep With Me

Angry_Birds_transformersWe don’t cover news on SkipCutscene, unless we feel we stand to gain something from it. There’s a million and one sites out there that will provide more consistent updates for your news-grubbing needs, so we’d much rather just wait until something worth commenting on turns up, and then mercilessly rip it to pieces with snark and gumption.

We took to the streets (figuratively) to find out what people think about this blockbuster announcement.
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An Open Letter: Fight The Dragon (Steam Early Access)


Here at SkipCutscene, we refuse to do traditional reviews of Early Access games because, in our opinion, they’re not finished yet. Instead, we file them under the SkipCutscene version of a preview, an ‘open letter’ to the developer, commenting on the state of the game ‘as-is’ and offering helpful suggestions, because we’re nice like that.

Dear 3 Sprockets,

I’m writing to you today with regards to your user-generated hack ‘n slash Fight The Dragon, currently available on Steam’s Early Access. Having spent a few hours with the game, I have a couple of suggestions that I wish to see implemented at your earliest convenience in order to make the game as brilliant an experience as possible, because these are things I know about. Continue reading

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The Big E3 Review – Microsoft


As the curtains close on another media hype spectacle of hyperbole and buzzwords, it’s time to take stock of what we were REALLY presented with. SkipCutscene is the best place to get your totally objective, just-the-facts report on what actually happened at E3 2014. We won’t be covering EVERYTHING because, if E3’s taught you anything, it’s that we have to do things ‘in the interest of time’.

We begin with Microsoft…

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Review – Mario Kart 8 (Wii U)

BoxartMet with almost universal praise, it’s not unfair to say that Mario Kart 8 has taken the world by storm this week. I’ve seen the figure ‘1.2 million’ flying around like a blue shell, so I think it’s safe to assume that it’s doing quite well which, for the Wii U’s sake, it needs to.

However, contrary to popular belief, Mario Kart 8 is not entirely without flaws. In fact, it has quite a few, as in more than one. Multiple. Might even go so far as to say ‘several’.  What follows is an objective, unbiased and entirely honest list of all the problems with Nintendo’s most important Wii U game to date. If you’re not ready for the brutal truth, it’s probably best to just look away now.

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Sonic the Hedgehog Fan-Made Original Characters – Parody or Not?

SticksTheBadgerA few days ago, SEGA unveiled ‘Sticks the Badger’, the newest addition to the Sonic the Hedgehog universe, set to make her debut in the animated reboot ‘Sonic Boom’. Sticks joins a wealth of supporting characters including Big the Cat, Jet the Hawk and Cream the Rabbit (which always sounded to me like a cooking instruction).  You can watch the announcement video thingy here.

Anyway, this gave me a great excuse to scour the wonderfully creative wasteland of DeviantArt to find fan-made examples of ‘original’ Sonic characters, because if SEGA can do it, so can anyone. This leads us to Parody Or Not?, a game I’ve devised, whereby some or all of the following five characters have been made up on the spot by me, while others are actual fan characters lifted straight from the throbbing pages of DeviantArt’s finest.

Now, before we begin, I just want to say that I write all this with the utmost affection for the people who come up with this stuff. I would never want to write an article that disrespects the Sonic (or indeed, any) fanbase for creatively engaging with something they’re passionate about and I think anyone who would ought to take a long, hard look at themselves and their shitty attitude. You like what you like, and who gives a shit what anyone else thinks? We clear? Good.

First up, then…

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Review – Arcadecraft (PC)

titleI don’t understand why it’s taken us until 2014 to get a PC game about managing an arcade. There was a time when it was basically all I wanted to do, and I STILL think, even in a time when arcades are basically dead, that I could make one work. Obviously, I had to buy Arcadecraft, just to see if I was talking out of my arse.

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Waifu Jam 2014: Three Random Picks

titleUntil Haddaway’s classical melody of 1993, nobody could be arsed to ask the simple question “What IS love?” as we were all far too busy inventing the minidisc player and drilling for marshmallows in Cuba. Not even Shakespeare, renowned the world over for creating fashion icon Godzilla and the philosophical children’s program The Tweenies, dared broach the topic. Since then however, the floodgates have opened and artists the world over have mulled the primal chemical instincts of what is meant by ‘love’, encapsulated by the modern day concept of the ‘waifu’.

This is all bollocks, but it sounds better than ‘a lot of otaku grow affectionate towards fictional characters in a way that makes them construct hug pillows’.

Anyway.  At the start of the month, posters in a splinter community of 4chan (the internet’s favourite scapegoat and a hive of scum and villainy), ‘Amateur GameDev General’, got together to jam around the theme of the ‘waifu’.  Here’s a few choice picks.

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